Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Being Sissa

I struggled with a title for my blog and came up with the clever name of "Pat O'Connor," a placeholder until inspiration sends its crafty fingers into my subconscious.

I recently completed a memoir entitled "Becoming Sissa," which is available for review by any and all agents,  My memoir describes the impact that my brother Kevin has had on my life, since I first realized that he was different.  Writing the book has brought me the awareness of a community of people - Sibs - who are the siblings of people with disabilities.  I am proud to count myself among their members.

So I have decided to entitle my blog "Being Sissa."  Sissa is what Kevin calls me, dating from when he could not make the "st" sound.   I cherish being called by that name.


  1. At long last, a Pat O'Connor blog! I am so happy to see that you're joining us in the blogosphere. I really missed your readings at the residency this summer, so I'm glad that we'll have a chance to read updates from you here.

  2. We sisters in the apostrophe must bond together. I missed you as well - congratulations on obtaining your FUMFA!

  3. Like Elizabeth, I love the title also. It seems so write for a blog that you are writing . . .
    Look forward to upcoming posts.