Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, Tuesday

     Today was a tough day.  Too many meetings, too many issues, too many calls.  On my way home, while fielding one last call from a co-worker, I heard the beep indicating another call was coming through on my Blackberry.  It was Kevin's group home calling.  Then, they called again two minutes later.  I knew it would be another report of Kevin misbehaving and asking me to talk to him to calm him down.  After my work call was done, I called Kevin's house, my nerves about to implode.
     "Oh hi.  Kevin just wanted to talk to you,' said one of the staff in a cheery soprano voice.
     Kevin got on the phone and with some prompting from the staff person, told me about his trip to Dunkin Donuts that he was about to take because he had a good day.
    And I relaxed and took a deep breath, reflecting that sometimes its all about the coffee and donut at the end of the day.